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Jail Booking and Reports


Jail capacity: 36

Inmates incarcerated: 36

A 25 Year Old Male of Dunnegan was arrested by Bolivar PD on Domestic Assault 4th Degree 1st or 2nd offense.

Suspicious activity call 4000 blk. S. 110th Rd. Bolivar.

Law Medical call 300 blk. S. Bolivar Rd. Humansville.

Dispute not in progress 700 blk. N. Pine St. Humansville.

Traffic Stop Highway 215/Highway F, Summons issued Brighton.

Out of vehicle 1800 blk. E. 564th Rd. Pleasant Hope.

Altered Mental Status Call 100 blk. S. Chestnut Fair Play.

Verbal Domestic 1100 blk. E. Elm St. Morrisville. 

Disturbance call 400 blk. S. Sarah St. Humansville.

Alarm call 5600 blk. Highway 13 Brighton.

C&I Driver Highway 13/W. Fm. Rd. 2 Brighton.

Motor Vehicle Accident Highway 13/Highway KK Bolivar.

Trespassing call 3100 blk. S. 223rd Rd. Urbana.

Traffic Stop 1300 blk. Highway U, Warning, Bolivar.

Accidental 911 call 4500 blk. Fairway Dr. Bolivar.

C&I Driver Highway 64/E 339th Rd Northbound.

Animal Call 5200 blk. Highway F. Brighton.

Animal Call Highway 64/E. 328th Rd. Bolivar.

Animal call 5400 blk. Highway 123

Civil Attempt 5300 blk. S. 147th Rd. Morrisville.

Civil attempt 5000 blk. S. 142nd Rd. Bolivar.

Burglary not in progress 400 blk. Highway W Walnut Grove.

Civil Attempt 200 blk. W. Walnut Bolivar.

Civil Attempt 700 blk. E. Buffalo Bolivar.

Civil served 600 blk. S. Chicago Pl. Bolivar.

Trespassing call 3100 blk. S. 223rd Rd. Urbana.

Disturbance call 5100 blk. S. 220th Rd. Halfway.

Accidental 911 call 1200 blk. E. 418th Rd. Bolivar.

Out with vehicle Highway P/223rd Rd. Halfway.

Civil attempt 1900 blk. W. Northwood St. Bolivar.

Out with vehicle Highway 32/Highway AA Bolivar.

C&I Driver Highway 13/E. 300th Rd. Humansville Southbound

Citizens Law Assist Highway 13/E 300th Rd. Humansville.

Call back reference property dispute 3800 blk. S. 91st Rd. Bolivar.

Call back in reference to a civil dispute issue 3100 blk. s. 223rd Rd Urbana.

Information call located runaway juvenile Bolivar.




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