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Polk County Sheriff's Office

Polk County is one of 114 counties in the state of Missouri. Located in southwest Missouri, it is very much a part of the area known as the Ozarks. In the very early 1800's the first settlers of Polk County had relocated from Tennessee and Kentucky. The lure for those who chose to move here was then as it is today, the nature of the landscape, the many clear and sparkling springs for water, and ground that could produce either livestock or crops.

Polk County was created by an act of the Missouri Legislation and organized on March 13, 1835. The county originally was 54 miles from East to West and 31 miles from North to South making over 1700 square miles. As other counties organized the boundary lines decreased on all four sides. Today Polk County has 642 square miles of area. Located in the center of the county is the city of Bolivar. The first courthouse was built of logs very near where the courthouse stands today. The first Circuit Court of Polk County was held September 7, 1835. There were two (2) cases on the docket, but only one was tried.

Polk County may have been reduced in geographical size in the late 1800's but the county has never stopped growing. The natural beauty and ability to grow crops and livestock is still a foundation for many of the families who live here. Turkey and deer seasons always produce a high yield and arms of the Stockton and Pomme De Terre Lakes have easy access, so fishing is plentiful.

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