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The Investigations Unit is directly under the command of Investigations Supervisor Lt. Billy Simpson. The unit is comprised of four full-time investigators, dedicated to exceeding the expectations involving every case they are assigned and the needs of Polk County. The unit also includes Detective Eric Gorman, Detective Jarle Randall, and Detective Rich Myers. Our current investigators all have a minimum of six years in law enforcement and have been assigned to investigations based on their exceptional work performance, professionalism, and specialized training. Investigators rotate through an on-call period to ensure that an investigator is available to conduct or assist our agency or other law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations. Investigators also maintain intelligence information to assist the patrol division and other law enforcement agencies in being proactive and reactive in their assigned duties.

The investigations unit strives to investigate and solve crimes in a timely manner with a positive outcome for the citizens and businesses of Polk County. Through community outreach and coordination with other law enforcement and specialized agencies the investigations unit has been able to extend its resources to maximize its investigative efforts. Our investigations unit has averaged between 300 and 400 investigative cases each year since 2001.

Some of the goals of the investigation unit include the identification and arrest of guilty parties, victims assistance, recovery and return of stolen property, focus on crime reduction and prevention of victims and potential victims, to use a strategic approach toward crime by identifying and addressing the factors contributing to criminal behavior,  ensuring continual communication within our agency and throughout our community, and to solicit the support of our community to help keep Polk County a great county to live in.

Responsibilities of the Investigations Unit:

  • Investigating both felony and misdemeanor crimes
  • Identifying, locating, and interviewing of victims and witnesses
  • Identifying, locating, interviewing, and arresting criminal suspects
  • Locating, identifying, and preserving physical evidence
  • Recovering stolen property
  • Analysis of crime trends
  • Proactive and covert investigative patrol
  • Maintain and update the sexual offenders list
  • Properly prepare and present criminal cases for prosecution


Billy Simpson.jpg

Investigations Supervisor
Lt. Billy Simpson


Eric Gorman.jpeg

Sgt. Detective

Eric Gorman




Rich Myers.jpeg

Sgt. Detective

Rich Meyers

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