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Civil Process

The Polk County Sheriff's Office serves approximately 3000 pieces of civil process paperwork per year. Civil process paperwork is served everyday of the week throughout the County of Polk. Mileage fees for paperwork that needs to be served outside the city limits of Bolivar is $.65 per mile. The mileage fee is assessed round-trip for each attempted service outside the city limits of Bolivar. This fee can be billed after service has been made. There is no charge for service of Order of Protections. The Sheriff's fee applies to each defendant that needs to be served. Questions regarding civil paperwork can be directed to the Sheriff's office administrative assistant Staci McCoy@, or call 417-777-9020.  Below is a list of fees for service of civil paperwork:

  • Ex-parte- Free
  • Full Order of Protection- Free
  • Criminal Subpoena-$15.00
  • Civil Subpoena-$20.00
  • Garnishments-$30.00
  • General Executions-$30.00
  • Summons-$30.00
  • Writ-$30.00
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