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History of the Sheriff's Office

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Sheriff Danny Morrison
Sheriff Danny Morrison
Term: 2017-Current

Sheriff Morrison was elected to Office of Sheriff in 2016 and is currently in his second term. He started his career in law enforcement in May of 1999. During his career he has worked for former Polk County Sheriff's Kay Williams, Steven Bruce and former Sheriff and current Governor Michael Parson. 

Sheriff Morrison earned a bachelor's degree with honors from Drury University in 2010 with a criminal justice major. He has also completed the FBI Executive Leadership Program. Sheriff Morrison was a former DARE officer and enjoyed teaching students about the dangers of drugs and violence. He was awarded the Missouri School Resource Officer of the Year in 2013. 

Sheriff Morrison was appointed to the board of the State of Missouri Livestock and Farm Protection Task Force in 2022. He is also on the board of the Combined Ozarks Multijurisdictional Enforcement Team (COMET). 



Sheriff Danny  Morrison
Sheriff Danny Morrison
Term: 2017-Current
Sheriff Kay  Williams
Sheriff Kay Williams
Term: 2013-2016
Sheriff Steven  Bruce
Sheriff Steven Bruce
Term: 2005-2012
Sheriff Michael  Parson
Sheriff Michael Parson
Term: 1993-2004
Sheriff Charles  Simmons
Sheriff Charles Simmons
Term: 1977-1992
Sheriff Glen  Carson
Sheriff Glen Carson
Term: 1973-1976 (Second Term)
Sheriff Roy  Bruce
Sheriff Roy Bruce
Term: 1969-1972
Sheriff Glen  Carson
Sheriff Glen Carson
Term: 1961-1968 (First Term)
Sheriff Elmer  Hicks
Sheriff Elmer Hicks
Term: 1953-1960
Sheriff Claude  Hopkins
Sheriff Claude Hopkins
Term: 1945-1952
Sheriff Denver  Dodd
Sheriff Denver Dodd
Term: 1941-1944
Sheriff Harry  Butler
Sheriff Harry Butler
Term: 1937-1940
Sheriff Jack  Killingsworth
Sheriff Jack Killingsworth
Term: 1933-1936
Sheriff Roy  Shipley
Sheriff Roy Shipley
Term: 1929-1932
Sheriff Mark  Winton
Sheriff Mark Winton
Term: 1925-1928
Sheriff W.T.  Purrssley
Sheriff W.T. Purrssley
Term: 1921-1924
Sheriff J.W.  Vickery
Sheriff J.W. Vickery
Term: 1917-1920
Sheriff E.B.  Blue
Sheriff E.B. Blue
Term: 1913-1916
Sheriff John  Eagon
Sheriff John Eagon
Term: 1907-1912
Sheriff Wilson  Crain
Sheriff Wilson Crain
Term: 1903-1906
Sheriff John W. Franklin
Sheriff John W. Franklin
Term: 1899-1902
Sheriff M.A.  Brennen
Sheriff M.A. Brennen
Term: 1897-1898
Sheriff Samuel  Hedlock
Sheriff Samuel Hedlock
Term: 1893-1896
Sheriff Benjamin  Gordon
Sheriff Benjamin Gordon
Term: 1891-1892
Sheriff Samuel  Hadlock
Sheriff Samuel Hadlock
Term: 1887-1890
Sheriff J.G.  Dollison
Sheriff J.G. Dollison
Term: 1885-1886
Sheriff Leander  Shaham
Sheriff Leander Shaham
Term: 1883-1884
Sheriff A.J.  Rentfrow
Sheriff A.J. Rentfrow
Term: 1882
Sheriff Henderson  Boone
Sheriff Henderson Boone
Term: 1881
Sheriff James  Akard
Sheriff James Akard
Term: 1877-1880
Sheriff Thomas  Greer
Sheriff Thomas Greer
Term: 1875-1876
Sheriff Robert   Greer
Sheriff Robert Greer
Term: 1873-1874
Sheriff T.H.B.  Dunnegan
Sheriff T.H.B. Dunnegan
Term: 1869-1872
Sheriff John  Caldwell
Sheriff John Caldwell
Term: 1865-1868
Sheriff Joseph  McBroom
Sheriff Joseph McBroom
Term: 1863-1864
Sheriff William  Mitchell
Sheriff William Mitchell
Term: 1859-1862
Sheriff James  Jones
Sheriff James Jones
Term: 1855-1858
Sheriff James M. Johnson
Sheriff James M. Johnson
Term: 1853-1854
Sheriff Morris  Mitchell
Sheriff Morris Mitchell
Term: 1851-1852
Sheriff Richard  Saye
Sheriff Richard Saye
Term: 1847-1850
Sheriff David  Stockton
Sheriff David Stockton
Term: 1845-1846
Sheriff Samuel  Bunch
Sheriff Samuel Bunch
Term: 1843-1844
Sheriff Nicholis  McMinn
Sheriff Nicholis McMinn
Term: 1841-1842
Sheriff James  Ables
Sheriff James Ables
Term: 1837-1840
Sheriff Joseph  Inglish
Sheriff Joseph Inglish
Term: 1835-1836 (Appointed)
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