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Polk County Missouri- Spring is upon us, which means the time of year for more traveling to the lakes, streams and outdoor events with friends and family.  This means a possibility of an increase in drivers on our roadways who are under the influence of an intoxicant which increases in the number of accidents seen day to day.  The Polk County Sheriff's Office would like to do its part in helping keep the roadways safe for all drivers and help reduce the number of accidents in our area. We have partnered up with the Missouri Safety center to help spread the word of safety to our community to keep everyone safe this spring.

We want to remind everyone don't take the risk and make sure if you are out enjoying this springtime and plan on drinking any alcoholic beverage, have a sober driver. The Polk County Sheriff's Office wants to make sure all of our citizens make it home to their families safely. To do this our office will have additional deputies out on patrol from March 17th through April 19th. These Deputies will be looking for intoxicated drivers so that we may help keep our community safe and reduce the number of lives lost during this time.

We also ask that our community do its part to help as well. Remember if you are going out to enjoy this time of year, plan ahead.  If you plan to partake in any alcohol have a sober driver or if you know someone who has been drinking remind them, it's not worth the risk to drive intoxicated. If you do see any intoxicated drivers, please contact the Polk County Sheriff's Office so we can get them off the roadway and keep everyone safe.


Remember Drive Sober or get Pulled Over

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