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Jail Bookings and Reports


Jail Capacity: 36

Inmates Incarcerated: 50

A 34 year old Walnut Grove man was arrested on suspicion of being a fugitive out of state, possession of controlled substance, tampering with a motor vehicle and theft of property.

Amber Storz, 21, of Collins was arrested on a warrant for burglary.

Joshua Ratliff, 29, of Springfield was arrested on a warrant for possession of controlled substance, violating probation, possession of a firearm, possession of paraphernalia, possession/transport of an illegal weapon and unlawful use of a weapon.

Deputies responded to Highway 32/S 243rd Rd for a C&I driver.

Deputies responded to the 1000th block of E Tia Ct for a juvenile complaint.

Deputies responded to the 4000th block of S 150th Rd for a suspicious vehicle.

Deputies responded to the 3000th block of Highway 13 for trespassing.

Deputies responded to the 5000th block of Grant Rd for a burglary not in progress.

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