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Jail Bookings and Reports


Jail Capacity: 36

Inmates Incarcerated: 46

Bryan Shelburn, 57, of Morrisville was arrested on a warrant for no vehicle/trailer registration.

Katherine Dryer, 31, of Pleasant Hope was arrested for violating parole.

Eugene Green III, 27, of Bolivar as arrested on a warrant for stealing.

Shawn Pratt, 35, was arrested on a warrant for passing bad checks.

Jennifer Mitchell, 37, of Rogersville was arrested on a warrant for DWI, burglary, shoplifting and stealing.

Deputies responded to Highway 13/Highway 123 for a wrong way driver.

Deputies responded to the 200th block of E 382nd Rd for a domestic physical.

Deputies responded to the 3000th block of Highway O for a threat.

Deputies responded to the 4000th block of S 92nd Rd for a physical assault.

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