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Jail booking and reports


Derek Frieben 34, of Humansville MO was arrested on a warrant for assault, burglary and stealing. 

A 41 year old from Humansville MO was arrested on suspicion for violation on a adult order of protection.


Agency assist 1800 blk. W. Broadway St. Bolivar.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/Hwy U Bolivar.

Agency assist 1600 blk. E. 490th Rd. Bolivar.

911 hang up 5400 blk. S. 156th Rd. Brighton.

Death call 5500 blk. Hwy JJ Walnut Grove.

Well being check 600 blk. E. Main St. Humansville.

911 hang up 1600 blk. Hwy KK Bolivar.

Information call 2100 Hwy 32 Halfway.

Attempt civil service negative contact 1700 blk. S. Lillian Ave. Bolivar.

Trash dumping Hwy 13/E. 565th Rd. Brighton.

Well being check 5500 Hwy H Pleasant Hope.

Call back 2400 blk. E. 485th Rd. Halfway.

Civil served 400 blk. E. Division St. Bolivar.

Well being 1500 blk. E. 497th Rd. Bolivar.

Attempt civil service negative contact 800 blk. N Market Ave. Bolivar.

Domestic physical 800 blk. 420th Rd. Bolivar.

Well being check 1100 blk. E. Elm St. Morrisville.

Suspicious activity 3700 blk. S. 28th Rd. Dunnegan.

Traffic stop Hwy V/S. 95th Rd. Flemington.

Suspicious vehicle 1600 blk. E. 455th Rd. Bolivar.

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