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Jail booking and reports


A 19 year old female was booked and released for making a false affidavit.

Carrie Smith 43 of Independence MO was arrested for speeding in a construction zone 26-30 over.

A 42 year old male of Bolivar MO was booked and released for possession of a controlled substance.

Information call/ vehicle in ditch Hwy AB/E. Miller St. Pleasant Hope.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/W. Aldrich Rd. Bolivar.

Citizens assist 400 blk. S. Main St. Pleasant Hope.

Alarm reported 4700 blk. S. 131st Rd. Bolivar.

Alarm reported 4200 blk. S. S. 90th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil served 100 blk. S. Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

Civil served 100 Blk. N. Elfin Ave. Bolivar.

Abandoned vehicle 4200 blk. S. 145th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil served 400 blk. E. Summit St. Bolivar.

Civil served 600 blk. W. Broadway St. Bolivar.

Traffic stop 400 blk. S. Bolivar Rd. Humansville.

Civil served 700 blk. E. Buffalo St. Humansville.

Suspicious activity reported 32 walking Trail Bolivar.

Well being check 500 blk. S. Main St. Pleasant Hope.

Traffic stop 800 blk. Hwy. V Flemington.

Traffic stop 3100 blk. Hwy 83 Flemington.

Civil served 900 blk. E. 514th Rd. Morrisville.

Traffic stop 4200 blk. S. 122nd Rd. Bolivar.

Agency assist Hwy 83/E. 424th Rd. Bolivar.

Drive off/fuel 2100 blk. Hwy 32 Halfway.

911 hang up 2200 Hwy Z Halfway.

Theft reported 200 blk. S. Main Ave. Bolivar.

Civil served 200 blk. N. Williams Ave. Bolivar.

Agency assist Hwy BB/Hwy 13 Bolivar.

Suspicious vehicle reported 4500 blk. S. 170th Rd. Bolivar.

Well being check 1200 blk. E. 418th Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop 300 blk. W. Broadway St. Bolivar.



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