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Jail booking and reports


Jail capacity: 36

Inmates incarcerated: 41

Michael Tripplett 39 of Springfield MO was arrested for stealing and trafficking in stolen identities.

Edwin Johnson 51 of Springfield MO was arrested on a warrant for DWR/DWS and operating a vehicle w/o financial responsibility.


Wrong way driver Hwy 13/E. 300th Rd. Humansville.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/E. 412th Rd. Bolivar.

Domestic physical 3800 blk. S. 128th Rd. Bolivar.

911 hang up 1500 blk. Sunny Acres Pl. Bolivar.

Offender update 4200 blk. S. 85th Rd. Bolivar.

Stolen vehicle reported 4200 blk. S. 28th Rd. Fair Play.

Animal call 40 blk. E. 330th Rd. Humansville.

Animal call 200 blk. N. Walnut St. Fair Play.

Offender update 4900 blk. Hwy F.

Burglary not in progress 4200 blk. S. 28th Rd. Fair Play.

Law medical assist 400 blk. W. Tilden St. Humansville.

Domestic verbal 5500 blk. S. 154th Rd. Brighton.

Civil paperwork served 200 blk. W. Walnut St. Bolivar.

Fraud reported 600 blk. South St. Flemington.

Call back/information on stolen vehicle 200 S. Main Ave. Bolivar.

Well being check 900 blk. E. 430th Rd. Bolivar.

Animal call 1400 blk. Brighton Ln. Brighton.

C and I driver Hwy 83/Hwy V Flemington.

911 hang up 400 blk. E. 375th Rd. Dunnegan.

911 hang up 4100 blk. S. Hickory Ln. Bolivar.

Disturbance reported Hwy 13/ E. 300th Rd. Humansville.

Civil paperwork served 2500 blk. W. Heritage St. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 800 blk. W. Freeman St. Bolivar.

Citizens assist 200 blk. S. Main St. Pleasant Hope.

Accidental 911 call 1700 blk. E. 365th Rd. Bolivar.

Well being check Hwy BB/ Hwy 13 Bolivar.


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