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Jail booking and reports


Robert Wells 30 of Branson MO was arrested on a warrant for no insurance.

A 25 year old female of Bolivar MO was booked and released for leaving the scene of an accident and property damage.

Timmy Gannaway 44 of Hermitage MO was arrested on a warrant for possession controlled substance.


Agency assist 100 blk. E. Jefferson St. Bolivar.

Domestic physical reported 400 blk. S. Effie St. Humansville.

Well being check Hwy 32/ Hwy AA Bolivar.

Accidental 911 call 4000 blk. S. 70th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 200 blk. E. 382nd Rd. Dunnegan.

Traffic stop S. 131st. Rd./ E. 473rd Rd. Bolivar.

Alarm reported 5600 blk. Hwy 13 Brighton.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/ W. FR 2 Brighton.

Traffic stop S. 140th Rd./ E. 455th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 3200 blk. Artesian Rd. Flemington.

C & I driver 600 blk. S. Garfield St. Humansville.

Threat reported 400 blk. S. Arthur St. Humansville.

Property damage reported 4300 blk. S. 160th Rd. Bolivar.

911 hang up 500 blk. E. 358th RD. Humansville.

Theft reported 5600 blk. S. 191st Rd. Pleasant Hope.

Trespassing reported 1100 blk. E. Elm St. Morrisville.

911 hang up 4200 blk. S. 145th Rd. Bolivar.

Theft reported 2800 blk. S. Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

Dispute not in progress 100 blk. W. 3rd St. Fair Play.

Well being check 800 blk. E. 482nd Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/ Hwy BB Dunnegan.

Civil paperwork served 3400 blk. S. 50th Rd. Humansville.

Civil paperwork served 200 blk. E. 370th Rd. Dunnegan.

Traffic stop Hwy 215/ Hwy 13 Brighton.

Dispute in progress 2000 blk. E. 495th Rd. Halfway.

Well being check 200 blk. N Jefferson St. Humansville.

Traffic stop Hwy 32/ S. 222nd Rd. Halfway.

Property damage 4300 blk. S. 94th Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop Hwy 32/ S. 218th Rd. Halfway.

Agency assist 23000 blk. Hwy 254 Hermitage.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/ E. 515th Rd. Bolivar.


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