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Jail booking and reports


Jail capacity: 36

Inmates incarcerated: 37

Anna Sanner 23 of Springfield MO was arrested on a warrant for FTA- non moving traffic violation, probation violation and speed exceeding 11-15 mph.


Suspicious person reported 2400 blk. E. 547th Rd. Buffalo.

Alarm reported 150 blk. W. Miller St. Pleasant Hope .

911 hang up 500 blk. E. 358th Rd. Humansville.

Animal call/ cow in road way E. 430th Rd./ S. 103rd Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 4500 blk. S. 80th Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop 1500 blk. Hwy 215 Brighton.

Traffic stop Hwy U/E. 492nd Rd. Bolivar.

Burglary not in progress 400 blk. E. 375th Rd. Dunnegan.

Suspicious activity reported 2200 blk. E. 514th Rd. Halfway.

Shoplifter reported 1100 blk. E. Maple ST. Morrisville.

Sexual misconduct reported 1700 blk. E. 480th Rd. Bolivar.

Agency assist E. 564th Rd./ S. 235th Rd. Fair Grove.

C and I driver 1000 blk. E. 477th Rd. Bolivar.

Child endangerment reported 1400 blk. E. 508th Rd. Bolivar.

Agency assist 600 blk. S. Chicago Pl. Bolivar.

Animal call/ horse out 1600 blk. Hwy 32 Bolivar.


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