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Jail booking and reports


Jail capacity: 36

Inmates incarcerated: 30

Travis Peacor 32 of Bolivar MO was arrested on a warrant for property damage and public order crimes.

Destiny Culbreath 30 of Crosset AR was arrested on a warrant for exceeding speed limit 26 mph or more, fugitive from out of state, operator of MV w/o valid license and owner/operator of MV w/o maintaining financial responsibility.

A 49 year old male of Fair Play MO was booked for a 12 hr safe keeping.


Traffic stop 1900 blk. S. Wommack Ave. Bolivar.

Law medical 3200 blk. S. 7th Rd. Humansville.

Well being check Hwy 215/Hwy JJ Walnut Grove.

911 hang up 1100 blk. E. 318th Rd. Flemington.

MVA Hwy 13/E. 412th Rd. Bolivar.

Property damage reported 3800 blk. Hwy P Halfway.

Law medical 4800 blk. S. 135th Rd. Bolivar.

Theft reported 1200 blk. E. 336th Rd. Flemington.

Well being check 5400 blk. Hwy H Pleasant Hope.

Traffic stop 1900 blk. W. Broadway St. Bolivar.

Traffic stop S. 160th Rd./ E 500th Rd. Bolivar.

Accidental 911 call 800 blk. N. Arthur St. Humansville.

911 hang up 5300 blk. S. 244th Rd. Buffalo.

Shots heard 1600 blk. E. 566th Rd. Brighton.

Dispute in progress 5100 blk. Hwy F Bolivar.


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