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Jail booking and reports


Matthew Whorton 23 of Miller MO was arrested for expired plates.

Eric Waters 31 of Arlington MO was arrested on a warrant for aggravated assualt.

Ronald Radford 41 of Bolivar MO was arrested on a warrant for rape or attempted rape, sexual abuse, sodomy or attempted sodomy, statutory reap or attempted statutory rape and statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy.

A 59 year old male of Humansville MO was booked for a 12 hr hold.

Dustin Silvers 40 was arrested for no registration plate displayed.


Traffic stop W/ Auston St./ S. Missouri Ave. Bolivar.

Theft reported 4800 blk. S. 135th Rd. Bolivar.

Agency assist 600 blk. S. Bolivar Rd. Humansville.

Parking complaint 3800 blk. S. Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

MVA non injury S. 140th Rd./E. 470th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 1300 blk. Hwy U Bolivar.

Alarm reported 2400 blk. E 550th Rd. Buffalo.

Burglary not in progress reported 5600 blk. S Scenic Ave. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 5200 blk. S 111th Rd. Morrisville.

Harassment reported 500 E 358th Rd. Humansville.

Found property reported Hwy P/S 223rd Rd. Halfway.

911 hang up 1100 blk. Early St. Morrisville.

Intoxicated subject reported 600 blk. S Garfield St. Humansville.

Suspicious person reported 100 blk. W Tilden St. Humansville.

Dispute not in progress reported 5300 blk. S Main St. Morrisville.

Civil paperwork served 2200 blk. E. 514th Rd. Halfway.

Traffic stop N. Springfield Ave/E Broadway St. Bolivar.


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