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Jail booking and reports


Colton Warner 34 of Springfield MO was arrested on a warrant for delivering a controlled substance.

Timothy Brake 46 of Springfield MO was arrested on a probation violation.

Heather Wixom 44 was arrested on a parole violation.

Noise disturbance reported 1100 blk. S Sha Ree Rd. Bolivar.

Suspicious activity reported 400 blk. Hwy W Walnut Grove.

Civil paperwork served 4400 blk. S 170th rd. Bolivar.

MVA 1300 blk. Hwy NN Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 500 blk. E. 460th rd. Aldrich.

Civil paperwork served 300 blk. E Wood St. Fair Play.

Civil paperwork served 1100 blk. W Elm St. Morrisville.

Civil paperwork served 5300 blk. S Elm St. Morrisville.

Disturbance reported 900 blk. E 433rd Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 2400 blk. E 547th Rd. Buffalo.

Civil paperwork served 500 blk. N Main St. Pleasant Hope.

Alarm reported 300 blk. W. English St Humansville.

Suspicious vehicle reported 5000 blk. S 178th rd. Bolivar.

Agency assist 600 blk. S Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

Burglary not in progress reported 400 blk. E. 375th Rd. Dunnegan.

Law medical assist 1500 blk. E 432nd Rd. Bolivar.

Theft reported 700 blk. Hwy 215 Walnut Grove.

Dispute not in progress 500 blk. S Bolivar Rd. Humansville.

Animal call/hit deer Hwy U/S 115th Rd. Bolivar.

Well being check 200 blk. North St. Fair Play.

Dispute not in progress 1100 blk. W Elm St. Morrisville.

Agency assist 5400 blk. H Hwy Pleasant Hope.

Agency assist 300 blk. W Mccourry St Pleasant Hope.

Traffic stop Hwy 32/Hwy P Halfway.


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