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Jail booking and reports


Traffic stop W Broadway ST/S Lillian Ave. Bolivar.

Traffic stop S Springfield Ave./S 127th Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop 3800 blk. S Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 2500 blk. W Broadway St. Bolivar.

Suspicious person reported 2300 blk. Hwy Z Halfway.

Abandoned vehicle reported S 172nd Rd./Kessler Blvd. Brighton.

Theft reported 2200 blk. E 514th Rd. Halfway.

Theft reported 4100 blk. Hwy D Bolivar.

Well being check 500 blk. E 358th Rd. Humansville.

Alarm reported 4300 blk. Heather Ln. Bolivar.

Citizens assist 3400 blk. S 30th Rd. Humansville.

Call back regarding eviction 200 blk. Hwy VV Fair Play.

Call back regarding dog bite 219 S Main Ave. Bolivar.

911 hang up 1200 blk. E 500th Rd. Bolivar.

Call back regarding civil paperwork 219 S Main Ave. Bolivar.

Law medical assist 1200 blk. Park Ct. Bolivar.

911 hang up 3700 blk. S 21st Rd. Dunnegan.

Agency assist 4800 blk. S 180th Rd. Bolivar.

Intoxicated driver 100 blk. E Jackson St. Bolivar.

911 hang up 4700 blk. S 207th Rd. Halfway.


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