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Jail booking and reports


Jail capacity: 36

Inmates incarcerated: 23

Bryan Pitts 35 of Bolivar MO was arrested on a bond revocation.

Terry Coleman 56 of El Dorado MO was arrested on a warrant for possession of a controlled substance.

A 37 year old male of Pleasant Hope MO was booked and released for suspicion of assault.

Jeffrey Smith 26 of Fair Play MO was arrested on a warrant for no vehicle registration.

A 20 year old male of Bolivar MO was booked and released on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Agency assist/house fire 5600 blk. S 166th Rd. Brighton.

Stolen vehicle reported 4700 blk. S 131st Rd. Bolivar.

Theft reported 200 blk. Hwy VV Fair Play.

Civil paperwork served 400 blk. S Springfield Ave. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 700 blk. E College St. Bolivar.

Stolen vehicle reported 4800 blk. S 135th Rd. Bolivar.

Juvenile complaint 4000 blk. Hwy D Bolivar.

Altered mental status 5600 blk. S 111th Rd. Willard.

Juvenile complaint 3900 blk. Hwy D Bolivar.

Animal call/cows out 500 blk. Hwy WW Aldrich.

Property damage 3900 blk. S 77th Rd. Dunnegan.

Harassment reported 1200 blk. E 420th Rd. Bolivar.

Suspicious activity reported 3200 blk. Hwy RB Bolivar.

Traffic stop Hwy D/S 136th Rd. Bolivar.


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