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Jail booking and reports


A 29 year old male of Stockton MO was booked on a 24 hour hold for Res/int with arrest , det, stop.

A 40 year old male was booked and released for operating a vehicle w/o a valid license.


Agency assist 1300 blk. N Oakland Ave. Bolivar.

Animal call/ cow out Hwy M/E 25th Rd. Humansville.

Alarm reported 3100 blk. S 25th Rd. Humansville.

Civil paperwork served 2400 blk. E 536th Rd. Buffalo.

Civil paperwork served 1400 blk. E Chestnut St. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 1800 blk. E Mt. Gilead Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 100 blk. E Oak St. Fair Play.

Foot patrol 4500 blk. S 100th Rd. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 3100 blk. Bertha Ave. Flemington.

Threat reported 200 blk. E MIll St. Humansville.

Domestic physical 3100 blk. Hwy O Flemington.

Agency Assist 1200 blk E 420th Rd. Bolivar.

Child endangerment reported 300 blk. E Broadway St. Bolivar.

Agency assist 200 blk. N Albany Ave. Bolivar.

Civil paperwork served 1600 blk. W Northwood St. Bolivar.

Harassment reported 219 S Main Ave. Bolivar.

Vandalism reported 500 blk. E 358th Rd. Humansville.

Traffic stop 3400 blk. Hwy 13 Humansville.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/Hwy 215 Brighton.

Well being check S. 19th Rd/E 470th Rd. Fair Play.

C and I driver 100 blk. S Hancock St. Humansville.

Dispute in progress Hwy VV/Hwy 123 Fair Play.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/E 490th Rd. Bolivar.

Traffic stop Hwy 13/Hwy KK Bolivar.

Agency assist 1600 blk. E 512th Rd. Bolivar.


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